Country Park

On a hot summer day, I went for a picnic with family. While the golden yellow sun was rising, we were riding in a minibus filled with cool air. Once the minibus stopped, I got off quickly and took a deep breath. A clean crisp air went into my nose, and the smell of nature was fresh. It was the Clear Water Bay Country Park in Sai Kung.


Some bright yellow light rays penetrating those green leaves grown on branches of trees were shining on my head when I was walking into the country park. Around the grey barbecue site, plenty of tall trees were grown. We settled ourselves on a wooden bench with our belongings before firing up the black charcoal on fireplace. The sky was immensely blue with several white clouds which looked like cotton. It made me comfortable. Sitting in front of a smoky barbecue under the blue sky, my uncle was roasting a steak and my auntie was putting the foil wrapped corns near to the red flame. The children nearby were eating some roasted marshmallows. The marshmallows seemed yummy as the children smiled happily and laughed loudly. A spicy smell of roasted chicken wings, sausages, ribs, and steak wafted through the air. I ate some pork ribs in honey. They were delicious.


In the afternoon, the grassy slope next to the barbecue site was full of kite players. Many flowers and young grasses grew on the spacious slope. Looking up to the beautiful sky, I saw a thick white cloud gliding slowly and changing its shape. Diamond-shaped and butterfly-like kites were flying in the sky. Red, yellow, purple going high in the sky made the sky colorful. The giant sun shining in the sky made shadows behind people longer. The light color of grasses and the dim shadow of people made a huge contrast, and it was glorious. An old man who wore sunglasses and a khaki cap was releasing the length of string to let his glossy kite went higher at a good moment in which a gentle breeze came. The soft wind touched my face and cooled my body. Suddenly, a light drizzle came. People ran into a small pavilion quickly with their falling kites. After several minutes, the rain had stopped and I heard the joyful voice from kids. The wet grasses and the moist soil made the floor slippery. An intense smell of earth was in everywhere. I was relaxed with the refreshing clean air.

Going back to the barbecue site, some guitar sounds and soft music got into my ears. Someone was playing “I’m Yours” with a guitar and sang it out. The color of sky changed from pale blue to orange gradually. Under the peaceful sunset, we started to leave with a warm feeling. “It’s a rainbow!” My little cousin said. A beautiful short rainbow was in the sky. It surprised us and I took a memorable photo. It was a wonderful day in the countryside with the.20130825_IMG_0890