What will I major in?

As a freshman of City University of Hong Kong, I always think of a question “What will I major in?” It is an important question for most of the undergraduates, as students will have to study their major for three or more years in their coming future. In addition, the major chosen can affect the career prospect and the whole lives of students. My choice then must be chosen carefully and wisely. I decide to choose Civil and Structural Engineering as my major. In this essay, I will tell the reasons why I choose it as my major in university life.

I am a typical science student who studied Physics and Calculus in the secondary school. Physics attracts me a lot due to its wide range of calculations of the physical phenomenon. As a result, I am going to study Bachelor of Engineering in university. In fact, Physics can be applied in various areas, such as buildings, industries, and mechanical aspects. Most of the things we use or see nowadays involve elements of Physics. With a consolidated knowledge base and passion on Physics, I believe I am suitable in majoring Civil and Structural Engineering in the coming academic year.


Apart from my passion on Physics, my experience also encourage me to choose Civil and Structural Engineering as my major. In 2010, I visited the Shanghai World Expo through the Red Cross Youth international exchange program. I was inspired by those advance technology, like China Railway High-speed, and the design of various pavilions, especially the UK one. I was curious about how people constructed such fascinating buildings. Furthermore, the Pearl program “World’s Most Extreme Home” fosters me on searching for the structure and design of buildings. With experiences of exchange program and television program, I have broadened my horizon on the construction of buildings. Therefore, Civil and Structural Engineering definitely draws my attention, and I yearn for being one of the Civil and Structural Engineering students.


Making models and drawing pictures are my hobbies. These pastimes give me quite a lot of self-satisfaction. I am enthusiastic on creating and painting. I usually outline model of buildings, interior design, and landscape with my sketchbook and iPad. Those majestic design and complex structure of buildings are often challenging me. Such challenges, however, have not made me feel frustrated, but a stronger motivation on the construction of building. If I can major Civil and Structural Engineering, I am sure my desire of learning building structures could be satisfied.

Some people have asked me why I would like to choose Civil and Structural Engineering rather than Physics. Physics indeed is my favorite and both of the majors require the study of Physics. Majoring Physics involves more theories and I can learn Physics deeper than Engineering, yet, it lacks applications of Physics on building construction. Such application of Physics on building can only be learnt in Civil and Structural Engineering. Majoring Civil and Structural Engineering, I can have more practical experiences through its training and observations. Personally, I would like to study the subjects that people can apply the knowledge in our daily life concretely. Therefore, I would major Civil and Structural Engineering rather than Physics.

With my passion on Physics, my experience of exchange program and television program, and also my talents on creating, I believe these can lay the foundation of my pursuit of majoring Civil and Structural Engineering. Being a civil engineer is my ambition, I will follow my goal actively and work hard for my major in this academic year.



5 thoughts on “What will I major in?

  1. Although I am a science student I can feel your passion on civil and structural engineering as you started to work hard to civil and structural engineering since 2011.I hope that you can get into this major finally.

  2. Good job. You analysed your choice in detail. It’s nice to hear that you found a major which suits you the most. Your essay would be better if you talk more about how the Pearl program “World’s Most Extreme Home” encouraged you to choose Civil and Structural Engineering as your major. It’s a bit incomplete in my opinion.

    • Yah~! It’s a wonderful pearl program, you can take a look online~! 😀
      No, never mind, it’s okay for you opinion ^^ As there are quota in the essay, so I can’t mention about that in a very detail way =] Thank You~~

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